I have been obsessed with computers since the 7th grade. This passion sent me to college to become a Network Engineer. I graduated in December 2004 with a Bachelor of Science in Network Modeling and Simulation.

My professional career started in 2006 at Skyline Displays on the Helpdesk. I soon moved from there to a SAP Basis Administrator role.

Once SAP was solid I took on SharePoint Administrator duties. Now, still at Skyline, I have shifted towards Software Development with a focus on the Web.

More Information

Back in 2010 I got the itch to start designing and building new software. So, I made it a priority to learn as much as I could about Software Development.

Mobile was all the rage and I found it very interesting so I decided to learn how to develop on the Android platform. I soon learned that this framework uses Java, so I took a Java programming course at St. Paul College and read as many online tutorials as I could.

After that I dove head first into Android development. After many hours spent after work I was finally able to submit my first app to the Google Play Store. That app is called Articulation Flash Cards /r/. My wife, a speech therapist, came up with the idea and helped with the content.

This was a wonderful moment but I wanted to do more. I decided to learn web development. While researching different languages and frameworks I quickly decided that Ruby on Rails was the best one for me. At around this time Skyline decided their website needed a complete redesign. As luck would have it the site was to be built on Rails. Software for Good was to be the consulting company and I became the lead at Skyline for development.